About Us

Welcome to Akin Palmer LLP

A New kind of Law Firm

Welcome to Akin Palmer LLP

Akin Palmer LLP is a New Kind of Law Firm which brings together the varied skills of lawyers who are Barristers, Solicitors, Chartered Taxation Practitioners and a Notary Public.

The expertise available within the firm is similarly broad in business and property law, litigation, occupational health and safety law, family and immigration law and practice.

The four partner law practice formed from the merger of two long-established independent practices Ogun@Law and the London practice of England Palmer. The merger delivered the unique advantage of bringing together the best of City law and High Street practice under one roof.

The multi-dimensional nature of the firm is reinforced by the multi-disciplinary training of its lawyers who in addition to their training as Solicitors were, variously, educated and trained as Barristers and Health & Safety Law practitioners.

What we offer

Services for Business Clients

Winning the New Business of the Year Award after the firm was founded close to twenty years ago, our lawyers are especially fluent in the language of business and enterprise.

Services for Private Clients
Whether you are buying your first home, looking to end a marriage that is not working or just coming to Britain to start a new life, we offer a full range of services to meet your personal needs.